Meet our Team.

Founder of Parasearch Radio.

Richard Clemments

Founder of Parasearch.

Jay Lynch

Host of The Parasearch Radio Encore Show on Monday Night at 9pm UK Time.

Paul Rook

I have run my own Paranormal Team now for over 10 years, and am part owner of Trident Paranormal, an event company based in the south of the UK.

I have been broadcasting now for 6 years and still find my passion for the paranormal is not just limited to me as i have interviewed lots of people with as much passion as i have. I love tackling the hot topics of the day as well as talking to those small team members to offer promotion and a voice out there in the vastness of the paranormal.

I am the part owner also of Parasearch Radio on which I have a couple of shows one being Paranormal Concept on Tuesdays.

On the way I have met some amazing people and hope to continue too.

Penny G Morgan

Penny G Morgan, presenter of Haunted Histories has had an interest in the unexplained from a very young age after she saw a shadow walking up the stairs of her parents house when all the occupants were sitting in the room with her. Since then, her favourite saying has become "the living scare me much more than the dead". Her subsequent love - some may say fanaticism - in regard to history is really her parents fault as they took her to every museum and ancient ruin they could as a child….something she is repeating with her children….whether they like it or not. With her Haunted Histories show she gets to immerse herself in both her interests of both the past and the paranormal plus gets to interview amazing people on a regular basis. If Penny isn't researching a show or watching the History channel, you may find her listening to music or at the gym lifting heavy stuff…..

Kerry Greenaway

Kerry Greenaway is the Owner of Spirit & Soul Island Crystals which specializes in selling Crystal and Mineral specimens as well as making Energy Tools. She has been involved in energy and spiritual work for the past 20yrs starting off by reading Tarot Cards which then evolved into working intuitively with Crystals. 

Kerry started working within the paranormal field 4 years ago and is also a member of Trident Paranormal. She uses crystals in many ways on investigations. Kerry brings you her unique take on all things spiritual drawing on her wealth of knowledge which covers many subjects and explores them from an energy based perspective. Kerry is also co-owner and Presenter on Parasearch Radio exploring many topics on the supernatural and paranormal, as well as being a presenter on Paramania

Clair Hinks

Clare is best known for her Mediumship. She has been communicating with the spirit world since she was 14 years old. For the last 5 years she  has been doing one to one readings and group events and is now moving forward in other areas within this field and fully embracing her Mediumship and sharing her gift. She has been involved in a few on location investigations and has been the medium for the famous Jamaica Inn on Bodmin moor in Cornwall as well as spending some time at the talked about Bodmin jail.

Clare lives on the Cornwall Devon border with her husband Richard and her 3 children and dog. She has a busy family life but is committed to working with spirit and taking every opportunity that comes her way within this field. Clare runs a Spiritual circle and workshops in and around her local town. 

"The more I do spiritually, the more I am drawn to do. I focus on giving
people good validation and a nice connection from their loved ones in spirit. I feel privileged to have this gift to share.” - Clare

Gemma Leigh Dury

My name is Gemma and I’ll be one of your hosts during the live Supernaturelle show.

I’ve been working within the paranormal field as a investigator for the last 4 years professionally, before this it was my main hobby for around 15 years.

I see my first apparition at the approximate age of 4/5, I woke up during the night to visit the toilet and was met by an older lady, at first I believed it was my mum, but she looked different, I went back to bed and didn’t think anything of it until, at the age of 15 my grandad passed away and my mum brought a picture Home of my nan who died before I was born, it was the lady I see when I was little, it was this age my passion for the paranormal first began.
I told a few of my friends about the picture and seeing the lady, we decided it would be good to “investigate” so started the urban exploration of asylums, churches, schools or anywhere abandoned in our local area, we was very silly and did ouija boards ect without knowing what we was doing, luckily we were all ok, it did make me question why are we playing with something we don’t understand or know about, so I started trailing through books internet and the library so I had knowledge.
At the age of 17 I started my career in health care specialising in dementia and end of life care, so in saying this I have seen many people take their last breathe and the atmosphere energy and feelings I got during this time spiked my interested for the paranormal tenfold, so on my days off I would go to the places I’d previously been but this time alone armed with my knowledge and basic equipment I’d brought.
I’d always booked on as many events with as many teams as I could and always enjoyed the searching for the “truth”.

I’ve been very lucky in my professional career as a paranormal investigator, I’ve worked alongside some well known groups, visited and investigated some amazing locations, ran my own team and now merged with Phantasmic paranormal.
I always say no one person knows everything about the paranormal and in this field everyday is a school day, we can all learn so much from each other and the spirit world.
We should always respect and treat the paranormal field with the dignity and Respect it deserves.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, I hope it gives you a better insight into me and what made me fall in love with the paranormal.

Gemma xx