• 19/11/2018 - Penny G Morgan 0 Comments
    Haunted Histories - Mary Bowser

    There are many reasons why doing a podcast on a station like Parasearch Radio is rewarding, getting to meet and become friends with some amazing people, having a justifiable reason to sit and spend hours researching a subject but also, the discovery of some parts of history that I didn’t even know existed.

    Which brings me to this blog, I was watching an episode of the brilliant Horrible Histories – I would like to say with my 9yr old son, but that would be a lie – and they mentioned this woman and her role in the American Civil War, her name was Mary Bowser.

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  • 09/10/2018 - Caz Rooney 0 Comments

    We all enjoy just chilling and reading a good book .This fictional book was written By Simon Maree and parasearch radio was asked to review .So being a bit of a book worm I jumped at the chance. Of course the fact the story is paranormal based had nothing to do with it , slight lie there .

    We all love a good horror story but what I found very quickly with The Mischeif Maker is its not written about the perspectives of a poor stricken family befalling some horror they are struggling to understand , or someone helping a haunted friend or friends , this was different .

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  • 13/09/2018 - Penny G Morgan 0 Comments
    ​​The Angels of Mons

    The Angels of Mons

    It is hard to cover every single aspect of this “legend” without leaving out details that someone may feel is critical in only 500 words, I’m sure students of history get to convey their knowledge and understanding of the situation in thousands of words so if I have omitted something that you think is obvious, I apologise in advance.

    The Angels of Mons are one of the most famous supernatural stories associated with World War One, although it is not the only account of celestial intervention that has been recorded in some form or another. When you think of the abject horror and destruction these young men were experiencing – and the women just slightly back from the front line in medical and voluntary roles – it is not surprising that some turned to divine intervention to make it through.

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  • 14/08/2018 - Caz Rooney 0 Comments
    Paranormal Charity warriors

    Joanne Treherne , Sam Bennett and Lisa Gardner are Paranormal Sisters , and that is how they are known . A group of ladies known to many people in our Paranormal Community and are as close as Blood Sisters .

    Joanne and lisa kindly joined me on a show to discuss a not so paranormal topic but a heart wrenching one . Johanne has 4 sons and one of her boys !! yr old Shaun sadly suffers from a condition called Lipodystrophy. It is a rare condition and affects only 700 people in the uk , for this reason it isn’t as known as some conditions but it is as every bit as important .

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  • 14/08/2018 - Paul Rook 0 Comments
    Life of a Radio Presenter

    One thing i love about being a Parasearch Presenter is the different people I get to to talk to in the field of the Paranormal and from all walks of life, about something we all share a passion in.

    But being a presenter isn't just about putting out a show for an hour a week, there is so much more to do behind the scenes. Yes we do put out a show for an hour once a week providing Kerry dont twist our arms to put out a pop up show lol but we also like to plan 4 weeks in advanced, so that includes trawling through various social media to find out the latest in the world of the paranormal for subjects, then we like to see if we can find volunteers to join us on air to give you our listeners the best and updated information....

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  • 14/08/2018 - Kerry Greenaway 0 Comments

    Tarot Readings are a form of divination using a specialised deck of cards that outlines potential outcomes and looks at the influences surrounding a person, event or both. They are a personal form of guidance and it should always be remembered that the future is subject to change as you have free will and can only focus on the possible outcomes.

    The origins of the Tarot deck are steeped in mystery but we do know it originated from cartomancy which is where playing cards were used as a form of divination but in regards to Tarot who designed them, where they came from or when they first started is unknown although many myths and legends surround them.

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  • 02/08/2018 - Penny G Morgan 0 Comments
    Heroes of History - Chernorbyl

    Hidden champions of Chernobyl

    I would guess that you may be surprised that I have written an article relating to the events surrounding Chernobyl when I have only just done a show on the subject on Haunted Histories? But this subject matter has moved me to the extent that I feel that these men’s names needed to become better known – even if that is only to those who read this blog.

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  • 19/07/2018 - Caz Rooney 0 Comments
    Children and the Paranormal

    Children are great little sponges aren’t they . They want to know everything, be in at everything and ask about everything . Having 5 myself I have literally lost probably weeks of my life explaining things when I asked why ?? about 20 times a day . The paranormal is no different and I think its important not to side step those questions or to disbelieve or dismiss a child who is telling you about an experience .

    For myself and my family life that’s been easy for me because of my own beliefs . but even my kids have tested my openness ! Rightly or wrongly however we look at it , I have found kids are so open to spirit and it simply because they haven’t been taught to dismiss them and that they don’t exist yet. I personally have brought my kids up to ask questions and discover for themselves what their thoughts are on the subject , but they are now at an age where even though there may be the odd question or discussion they firmly have their own views and if they experience something automatically mention it then blame me for my chosen field lol

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  • 19/07/2018 - Caz Rooney 0 Comments
    Soul Connections

    I have spent numerous amount of hours discussing soul connections with various people and all with different opinions on the subject . We hear people talk about their “soulmate “ or waiting for their “soulmate”. My simple question to that statement is which one ??

    Over the years I have learned in my spiritual work we have lots of very different soul connections none are more or less important than the other . Take a look around you at the people around you and maybe relook at how your connected . That best friend you have had your entire life why are you so closely connected? The person you met last year who you had that great discussion and it set you on a different path of looking at things ……..why did they appear in your life then ? There are many many connections on a soul level they may just be in your life briefly or they may be in your life forever but they are there for a reason .

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