What is Rem Pod? And How is it used?

Electromagnetic field (emf) is a physical field which is produced by charged objects, it is one of the four fundamental forces of nature so to speak, alongside weak force, strong force and gravity. Some people say it's a theory that "ghosts" can cause a fluctuation in emf, it’s a known fact that humans emit emf so is it against belief that when a person dies their energy is still there?

So, let’s look at the radiating electromagnetism (rem pod) this is usually a cylinder shape with an antenna which covers 360 degrees and can detect energy disturbances and/or fluctuations. Basically, a rem pod is a circuit paired with an oscillator to generate emf, usually wrapped up in a nice little case with depending on the model you have 4 lights on the top near to the antenna which extends out the top.

Traditional emf equipment used in the paranormal field are tuned to detect emf increases by monitoring localised flowing currents or frequencies emitting from devices. Flowing currents are electrics in the walls and under the floorboards etc. frequencies emitting can be anything from taxi’s passing, phones, and walkie talkies. however, the rem pod radiates its own field it can detect more, in theory making it easier for "ghosts" to use this device to communicate.

The rem pod is not a hand held device as such and was designed to placed in an area, you do not have to have eyes on the rem pod as it emits sound however, I personally have had a lot of results by placing a rem pod in a doorway and asking for "people" to come towards me, I find this can work really well when you have several rem pods it can act as a mapping tool as such to see where the increase in emf is coming from and what direction.
Some rem pods have an ambient temperature deviation (ATDD) Ambient temperature means it’s taking the temperature of the localised area rather than a beam pointing at a distant object. The rem pod will make a high or low pitched sound to indicate a sudden change in the air temperature. you will also see the small red or blue light which is an indicator of the plus or minus 5 degree change in the temperature, this is usually located directly opposite the antenna.

The rem pod can be affected by humans or animals. If you put your hand near the device you will hear the high-pitched sound, the coloured lights will illuminate depending on proximity to the antenna. Other things that can give a false positive on a rem pod are, mobile phones, walkie talkies, baby monitors, radio transmissions and even fluorescent lighting. The other thing to consider is the batteries, when your batteries are running low this can cause the device to malfunction.

Overall I find the rem pod a good piece of equipment and as stated earlier have had some interesting results. At a recent investigation we used the rem pod, to established possible intelligent responses to questions. Which produced some interesting results.

Have you tried the rem pod?
Let me hear your responses.

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