What is going on at Kelvedon Hatch?

During a visit to Kelvedon Hatch secret nuclear bunker over the past weekend we were fortunate enough to have the place to ourselves for a few hours on a Saturday evening. With only five of us attending this gave us the opportunity to go through the bunker from the ground up in our own time and without the distractions of an organised group.

There was only four of us from Parasearch Radio, which was me Richard Clements, Kerry Greenaway, Paul Rook, and Carl Hutchinson. One of the main points of discussion was, why of all the reports you read about the place they all seem to be so varied, as in types of activity experience from all levels of the bunker. This from a traditional paranormal point of view does not seem to make much sense, considering the age and construction of the place which is relatively recent. The conclusion put forward by Kerry Greenaway, who took the lead during the investigation does seem to merit at least one answer to what may be going on. 

The commissioning and construction of Kelvedon Hatch is well known and can be found elsewhere on the Internet and we will not dwell in it too much here. There are some points which people do seem to get confused over when talking about Kelvedon Hatch. Firstly it was not a military installation but a government installation, there is a difference, meaning it was staffed throughout its time by civil servants and public contractors, not military personnel (A quick chat to the owner Mike would be enough to find this fact out). This point alone is interesting as regards reported apparitions of military personnel, take note of this and the impressions people turn up to Kelvedon Hatch with, even if they are misguided impressions. However, military personnel have been allegedly encountered, more about this in the conclusion.

It was decided to use a more spiritual approach throughout our short time we were there, with some tech operated by Carl, been used as a backup and to observe principally ourselves going through the complex. Kerry had done a walk-through of the bunker by herself when she arrived, myself, Paul and Carl had been there a while and done some exploring and taking general video footage and photographs. When Kerry returned to the canteen, she seemed to have a good understanding of the layout and where to start our investigation, which was to follow the basic layout of the bunker from the ground up. Starting off in the main entrance tunnel leading from the bungalow. I decided to use my dowsing rods to walk the entire length of the tunnel from the entrance of the bunker proper to the bungalow entrance. The floor of the corridor slopes down at a slight decline the entire length until it meets with the bungalow end where it increases back to ground level. Walking from the bunker end I had four hits on my dowsing rods at relatively regular points along the way but this only occurred less than halfway along the tunnel the rest of my walk to the bungalow end resulted in no hits. What was pointed out by Kerry is directly above beyond the concrete and mortar of the corridor would be the earth hill that covers the bunker and that possibility water is collecting at intervals along at least half the length of the corridor above and that is what the dowsing rods are responding to. It is interesting to note here an environmental factor at play and its relationship to suspected paranormal activity, particularly water in this case, and reports of a shadowy presence often reported along this corridor which is poorly lit.

After our time spent in the corridor, we moved up to the second level. It was here Kerry felt was one of the main areas of activity would be experienced during investigations. I found it interesting that of all parts of the bunker this is by far the warmest and less eerie part being relatively open space housing the main bulk of communication equipment etc and a good place to conduct your main experiments, which I should imagine has been done over the years. Kerry works in a slightly different way to what a more traditional paranormal investigator would work, she relies on her intuitive nature which she supplements with the use of various crystals, minerals, and pendulum work, which she seems very proficient at. Once she completed her work and set up a small crystal grid, I suggested using an Ouija board just to see what would occur. Myself and Kerry operated the board whilst Paul filmed and Carl monitored with some tech to give feedback on what he was picking up. The initial minutes of the Ouija board were quite nonsensical basic movements not spelling out any words or making out anything coherent. Kerry then asked me to place an intention behind my thoughts and she suggested a fearful time I faced in the past to draw on. This almost immediately got a response although not a legible one certainly a stronger movement of the planchette around the board. This was repeated with another emotionally driven intention this time of a happier more positive time I drew upon. Again, this had an immediate effect which only intensified during the experiment. This was explained to me how intention or a self believed idea can affect what you are seeking when charged with an intention. What I came away from that simple experiment with is how an Ouija board at least may be feeling more from yourself than an outside force. We then finished off the session with some scrying with the use of an obsidian mirror which although produce a more subtle result on my part, was still interesting.

Our final destination was the upper floor where the medical bay is situated and the sleeping quarters. This area has generated a lot of interest and speculation in the past among investigators and has been cited many times as the main area of activity. Although still part of the earth covered bunker it does sit on the ground level. I was present at a previous investigation a couple of years ago where a very interesting piece of video footage was taken in this area. I did have the anticipation that Kerry would have a lot to say about this area. However, she did not feel it was any more or any less active than the rest of the location in general. We simply had a quick walk around and then a lengthy discussion on what may be going on at Kelvedon Hatch.

Conclusion.. Kerry was under the impression that there is only one presence in the bunker which is not isolated to one area but moves around at will. Kerry described it as an elemental, and from what I could understand is a naturally occurring spirit associated with natural elements and possibly was present in the area before the construction or may be drawn to the bunker because of the amount of human activity there today. It is a common trait of an elemental to present itself to an individual based on your mindset and own set of beliefs. For example, if you go to Kelvedon Hatch and expect to see military personnel that is more than likely what you will encounter. Again if you are more of a spiritual type of investigator using Ouija boards and other divination techniques the elemental will interact with you through those methods and what you believe they can do. However, it will use your understanding of what you will be expecting to make itself known. It is interesting to note the elementals fall into the same bracket as fairies and fairy lore, which tend to describe them as playful and mischievous.

From my understanding and going with the above, a perfectly good case could be presented that what is going on at Kelvedon Hatch could be put down to this type of phenomenon. Although some of the experiences that have been reported may be uncomfortable when individuals have experienced them an elemental component would explain a lot as regards the location as a whole. An elemental would feed off your own perceptions you have of a location which you may have arrived at a long time before you have ever visited. I do not know many people in the paranormal field that have not arrived at some sort of conclusion of what is and isn't paranormal and have a general idea on what to expect based on their own understanding. Does the elemental know this?

Of course this is just my take on the night's events, If you want to know more from Kerry and Paul they hosted a show on Kelvedon Hatch about this night, 

feel free to listen to the podcast by clicking the link below...


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