Time Travel in the Movies

I have though long and hard on how to approach the subject of Time Travel, 

so much that, as you all know im influenced and interested in the movies i thought this would be a perfect way for me to talk about Time Travel.

For a long time now scientists have always theorised that Time Travel forward in time is possible, by travelling as close as they can to the speed of light. The closer to the speed of light you travel the slower time moves for you, and slower for the rest of us, so what would be a 10 minuet journey for you at high speed would indeed be years for us at regular speed.

Now lets take a look at travelling backwards in time H.G. Wells style with his immortal classic "Time Machine".

In this story the main character's Wife/ Girlfriend gets murdered so he sets bout inventing a time machine to alter history so that she survives. This however does not pan out as every time he goes back she dies from something else like its a fixed point in time so she is destined to die. That is one theory so no matter what you do you can not change history.

However that said lets look at the way the time machine worked, In the movie remake the machine created a bubble around the machine and as you look out of the bubble you can see time rewinding or fast forwarding depending as to whether going forward and backwards in time, So the capsule is static and the world is moving around it, This wouldn't work as the Earth and Solar System is also moving so if the capsule is static not only would you see time rewinding and fast forwarding but you would also see the planet and solar system spiraling away from you. So i think that is a flaw in the Time Machine.

I also want to say out of all the Time Travel Movies and Tv Shows, I actually believe that Dr Who has got Time Travel mastered !
The Tardis which stands for Time And relative Dimensions In Space, travels 3 different ways, When travelling through time it travels through the time vortex and drops out when its reached its desired time and then lands on what ever planet The Doctor happens to visit.
When The Doctor wants to travel from one point to another on the same planet the TARDIS phases from point A to point B
although if The Doctor wanted to he could also fly The TARDIS as you would a plane (Like in the episode 'The Runaway Bride'. The TARDIS has to be one of the most well thought out Time Machines of the 20th Century. Well done the BBC for that !

Next I want to look at Back to the future...This movie story gets quite complicated, as the main character "Marty" travels from 1985 to 1955 meets his parents and interferes with time, then gets back to 1985 only for his friend "The Doc" to come back and take him to 2016 to save his future son from prison, and someone steels the time machine and alters the past creating an alternate reality that the doc and marty travel back to in 1985 only to go back to return the time line back in 1955 before the doc gets zapped back to 1855 ....Hope you got all that.

Oh dear where to begin with the flaws in this movie....lol, Lets look at the way the time machine works again its a static machine although it takes into consideration the date and time it does not specify a location so there for it has the same issue as H.G.Wells's time machine, in the respect that the time machine would end up most of its life in space (well until its conversion to Hover Car in 2015) and also despite that the time machine car needs to reach a speed of 88 MPH although if the machine creates a vortex to travel too at the point of spontaneous transference then that cold be an explanation as to how it works although that is not something covered in the movie.

I have also come to the conclusion that Back to the future is a pointless movie, because when Marty travelled back in time he interfered with his mum meeting his dad, thus the film is basically trying to get the time line reverted back so that Marty was not erased from the future which obviously he was successful at. However if after interfering Marty did nothing then Marty would of been erased from the timeline, and as future Marty does not exist any more he wouldn't be able to come back to interfere so there for the time line would of reverted back to what it should of been. So this got me thinking would changing the past actually work ?

Personally I believe it wouldn't and here is why....

Lets say you decided to climb into your time machine on your 20th birthday and kill Hitler at birth, by making that change you could in fact create a butterfly effect thorough time and create a new timeline with Hitler not in it as you wished, now if you then went back to your own time line (If you could) that version of you would cease to exist and hopefully as the new time line plays out and your lucky enough to have the new version of you born, you would not know who Hitler was so would have no desire to protect the existing time line by getting to your 20th Birthday to travel back in time to kill Hitler at birth, thus the time line would then revert back to the original timeline. Complicated in know hence why its taken this long to write this blog.

because of this theory, i have concluded that it could be possible that the cosmos in its infinite wisdom has safeguarded its self from any one attempting to alter the past because we all have a purpose and are destined for what ever reason.

Now going into Mark Manleys territory for a while....even if we could travel back in time just to observe we would have an effect on history, now assuming that reports of UFO's through the thousands of years are genuine, could they be time travel crafts and only here to observe, and by appearing in our skies they have influenced us to wonder at the stars and make the technology to reach them, so we are of our own creation. Not to mention the religious interpretations across the globe.

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