The Weird and Wonderful World of Paranormal.

No matter your opinion on the “Paranormal” all of us embark on this

journey for a reason, shall we look at them? Why not!
A personal experience
A lot of us have had an experience which sent us on this “merry-go-
round” did you see something as a child? Live in a house that had
strange phenomena? Always feel like you’re being watched? Which in
turn left you with questions? I get that, it’s how I started.
School yard stories

We’ve all done it I guess, sat with friends telling “tales” of the

folklore or “bogie man” I agree these “tales” either scare you or
enthral you, mine was obviously the latter.

Tv or film
With a plethora of shows hitting tv screens across the world no
wonder the “paranormal” has grown, I may well have to amputate my
fingers for typing this, however Most Haunted was possibly the
biggest to attract people to go on the “hunt”.
Films such as The Conjuring, Insidious, As Above So Below, the list is
endless, make the paranormal seem like the biggest adrenalin rush
you’ll ever have in your life and in a way it’s true. It can also give the
impression its glamorous, I can assure you it’s not.
At no point am I slating such tv programs or films, we all love them,
however let’s not forget its entertainment. You're only seeing snippets
of the investigation, not the hours the team have been spent with
nothing at all happening, or the locations that’s as “dead” as it comes.
Unless its all completely live things can be edited.

A ghost hunting team
No shortage of them around, I can confirm you’ll have a good night
on one of these events, I partake in as many as I can. you will meet
likeminded people, new friends and possibly a romance may blossom,
wouldn’t be the first or the last I should imagine. If you’ve not done
one its worth trying, the only advice I would give on this is to
research the company before booking, message the page chat to the
team, see if it’s a fit for you.
So, what’s the difference between a ghost hunt and a paranormal

The answer for me, many people may differ which is cool we all have
opinions, is how you approach the investigation. Are you automatically
looking for a “ghost”? are you assuming every noise is paranormal?
Do you look for the basic answers? Do you record your findings? If
so how? Do you find out about the people you're “working” with? Are
there any contributing factors that could cause what appears to be
paranormal activity? Ghost hunters will usually tend to go with
paranormal being the reason, which again is fine if that’s what you
want to do, its your journey take it in whatever way you will, that
doesn’t mean you can’t discuss your findings/experiences we all start
somewhere! What I will tell you is that the longer you do this
the more questions you’ll have, the more rabbit holes you go down
the more you’ll find yourself reading books, sourcing other assistance
and research platforms. One of the most important things is to work
together. I’ve been very lucky to work with incredible people, visit
some outstanding locations but most importantly to me, I have
people that push my mind set, encourage me to expand on the vast
array of knowledge I have, are honest with me when they think I am
being blindsided by what I want to be real. Will we ever find “proof”
of the paranormal? That’s the age-old question we would all like to
know I guess, I'll keep on my journey and see where it takes me.

Please by all means join in this conversation, let me know your

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