We all enjoy just chilling and reading a good book .This fictional book was written By Simon Maree and parasearch radio was asked to review .So being a bit of a book worm I jumped at the chance. Of course the fact the story is paranormal based had nothing to do with it , slight lie there .

We all love a good horror story but what I found very quickly with The Mischeif Maker is its not written about the perspectives of a poor stricken family befalling some horror they are struggling to understand , or someone helping a haunted friend or friends , this was different .

Joe is falling in love with his new housemate , all very romantic and sweet ……..except the housemate is a teenage schoolgirl and Joe is a poltergeist. What Simon Maree has done with this book is turn things on their head a bit and its written entirely from the perspective of Joe the Poltergiest. Different right ?

Although this is a fictional piece of work , it brought up questions for me . Joe displays emotions and clear thinking in his motives despite the fact Harriett has quickly realised they have an extra house guest and instead of teenage hysterics communicates with joe . there were times I felt uncomfortable , quite rightly so when Joe describes Harriet as his “beloved”, there were times I laughed heartily at the humour portrayed and a favourite was when Harriett and her friend watch a
ghost hunting programme which joe decides to sit and watch with them and describes it as “most haunted with yankee accents”…….. seriously who couldn’t laugh?? .
I wont ruin anymore of the story for anyone by telling anymore but I will say this . As a paranormal investigator do poltergioests have emotions ? love? sadness? Brilliant sense of humour?. I couldn’t help but think of it as I read this book . I thoroughly enjoyed the fact it is written entirely from the perspective of an unknown entity and I loved even more that it made me question my views on poltergiests. Although some of the darker thoughts and actions are also portrayed and it made me feel uncomfortable when those were portrayed , that’s human nature isn’t it . We all have heard and seen things that made us laugh and feel very uncomfortable .
If you are like me and enjoy a lazy Sunday just reading a book and lazying on the sofa, then I recommend if your passion is paranormal you read this book .Its a light easy read but I can guarantee you , you will laugh and you will be left wondering………. What if the perspectives of joe the poltergeist are actually closer to the truth than we think . Well done Simon Maree

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