The God Helmet.

Myself and Kerry hosted a paranormal Concept show on The God Helmet, and we threw around some really interesting concepts that could of arisen from this piece of equipment, But I wanted to delve a little bit more into what The God Helmet was invented for and what it does and how its data can be used to make astounding claims, and can it scientifically be backed up. 

To give the God Helmet its true name The Koren Helmet, it was created by Stanley Koren who worked at Laurentian University as a Neuroscientist, Stanley Koren built upon the work of Dr M.R Persinger who designed the Helmet and Stanley built it using Persingers Specifications.

The whole concept was to study a persons creativity, religious experience and to see what effect the gentle stimulation had on the temporal lobe of the brain. The device is placed on the head of the willing volunteer and then wired up to an EEG machine, which studies the electrical impulses in the brains activities, The Helmet then emits a very weak electromagnetic field through the temporal lobes, which is quite painless and is no more powerful than a fridge magnet. Then the EEG records the results of brain activity.

However what we looked at in the show was that some of the people that were experimented on had very strange mystical experiences such as claiming to see images of God and / or Jesus.

In 2018 sometime before Persinger sadly passed away he was interviewed by a man called Tod Murphy and Tod asked the question, How many people have seen god using the Koren Helmet ?

Persinger replied by saying :- "The problem is producing an environment in which people will report what they experience without anticipating ridicule on the one hand and not encouraging this type of report (demand characteristics) on the other. Thus far, about 20 or so people have reported feeling the presence of Christ or even seeing him in the chamber (The acoustic chamber where the experimental sessions took place). Most of these people used Christ and God interchangeably. Most of these individuals were older (30 years or more) and religious (Roman Catholic). One male, age about 35 years old (alleged atheist but early childhood RC (Roman Catholic) training), saw a clear apparition (shoulders and head) of Christ staring him in the face. He was quite "shaken" by the experience. I did not complete a follow-up re: his change in behavior. Of course these are all reports. What we did find with one world-class psychic who experiences Christ as a component of his abilities was we could experimentally increase or decrease his numbers of his reported experiences by applying the LTP pattern (derived from the hippocampus) over the right hemisphere (without his awareness).

The field on-response delay was about 10 to 20 sec. The optimal pattern, at least for this person, looked very right hippocampal. By far most presences are attributed to dead relatives, the Great Forces, a spirit, or something equivalent.The attribution towards along a devil to angel continuum appears strongly related to the affect (pleasant-terror) associated with the experience. I suspect most people would call the "vague, all-around-me" sensations "God" but they are reluctant to employ the label in a laboratory. The implicit is obvious. If the equipment and the experiment produced the presence that was God, then the extrapersonal, unreachable and independent characteristics of the god definition might be challenged."

*This quotation was taken from

The God and religious experience i feel was an unexpected outcome to what Persinger wanted to study as he wanted to test out a few of his theories about how the brain works and that the 2 halves of the brain work together instead of having a dominant and dormant side.

Myself and Kerry went delving into a lot of other theories about frequencies and vibrations resulting from this work, but I do think it can stimulate the brain into so much more not only religious visitations but spiritual as well. as some of what was reported is indicative of outer body experiences, and astral projection and not forgetting the emotions it could also illicit.

This could also raise the question of manifestations in paranormal activity, could our brains be working on certain frequencies that could manifest a vision that we perceive as spirit while on investigations if our emotions are running high ?
Or could it be that the spirits and spirit world is manifested from within especially if you have a belief system in place ?

In the show we went down so many rabbit holes with this concept and bounced around loads of ideas so if you would like to learn more then please listen to the podcast. ( Link Below )
Also feel free to comment as we would love to hear your ideas and views on The Koren Helmet AKA The God Helmet.

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