Stone Tape Theory – Water

The Stone Tape Theory has been around for quite a while – now this theory has been attributed to various people and written about many times, I would suggest you refer to these blogs for further insights into the actual theory surrounding the concept.

It is now widely accepted that the theory in general has flaws, people are searching for the more fundamental points such as how do things get recorded, what content gets recorded, how is it preserved and what are the conditions for the playback. This is great, this shows that people in the parafield are thinking, however in our quest for answers serious research needs to be done in order to understand the principal.

Now the point of this blog is to take a look at a more recent development in regards to this theory. The theory suggests that water stored within rocks or minerals is the component needed to fulfill all the criteria above so lets have a look at that concept.

Water Memory
This statement was first attributed to the work done by Jacques Benveniste whilst working as a lead scientist in regards to immunology. His experiments seemed to show that water held the memory of an added substance even though it had been diluted beyond the point of the added substance still being relevant and that the body still showed a positive reaction to the diluted liquid. This was very controversial and has led to much peer review with mixed results in subsequant experiments. The homeopathy industry took the positive side of the results and ran with it – using it as proof that homeopathy works. However to date scientists cannot confirm or deny this is actually the case and this is due to various factors.

Firstly the original experiments have been reproduced several times in order to test the results – one of the fundamental principals of science is that a result must be able to be reproduced time and time again. There have been mixed outcomes with people being biased towards their understanding – so if you are looking for a positive result then you tend to ignore the negative ones.

The experiment process is flawed and factors such as the human operator effect, the quality of the biological samples that are being used which is actually creating false positives.

Evidence is actually showing that the processing procedure does have an effect on water however this is not a long term change and only lasts for a few minutes. The main component being the atom clusters of Hydrogen within the water. Depending on the process the hydrogen bonding is not stable within the chemical composition of water under these experiment conditions.

So with all this in mind the origin of water memory seems to be flawed and further research is continuing within the scientific medical industry.

In regards to water memory most people will know the name Dr Masaru Emoto. Emoto is a doctor of alternative medicine, please note the Dr title is misleading in this instance as Emoto's doctorate required no coursework and actually came from Open International University for Complementary Medicine and for a fee you can get docorate cerification. Emoto has done experiments to show that human consciousness can effect the geometric shapes within water crystals. His theory states that the more positive or pleasant an environment the better these geometric shapes are and vice versa. It is important to note that his initial experimentation started by taking water samples from various
locations and studying the crystal formations with no human intention placed upon it deliberately. He then took this a step further and using bottled water placed deliberate intentions both positive and negative on various samples and the results showed when frozen the geometric designs seemed to show a massive difference. Various experiments have been done using different water samples and methods of intention such as pray and music and every influence has shown that this external influence can effect the geometrical patterning within the frozen water crystal formation. However it is key to note the human influence in this matter, words have power, sounds great doesnt it.

However there are massive flaws within the experimental procedures and even in the peer review done by Dean Radin regarding actually proving this phenomena.

So where does that leave us in regard to the very basic starting point of does water hold memory? Well so far this theory is still very controversial within the scientific community with no positive recreated results. To obtain a definitve answer on this much more controlled strict protocol experimentation will need to be done in order to prove it. Therefore before the paranormal gets excited about this new concept regarding stone tape theory we will need to remember the fundamental points of where the basic concept of water memory comes from and hope that science paves the way once again for a more conclusive answer.

Okay so we have an intially flawed water memory theory. So lets suspend that knowledge and assume that in the future the science community does indeed prove that water can hold an imprint/memory within it and apply that to the paranormal field.

My own reservations with water being the recordable point for phenomena is that water is fluid, say for example an event happened that got imprinted into the water at that point in time the water in question would not just stay in that spot its fluidity would carry that memory away from the location. Now I would agree that due to the permiability and porousity of the rock within the location this would have a varying time span on it from being very quick to some taking thousands of years.So okay in theory this could work and would also account for the phenomena being experienced for maybe a few years then never reoccuring again. However the nature of water is to flow down not up and unless ground temperature rose to turn said water into steam it seems unlikely but this is just my opinion. It also is flawed in regards to actual building locations – yes some buildings have been standing for hundreds of years but the materials the location are made are highly impermable that is are unlikely to absorb and hold water for the time spans we are talking about in regards to a haunting. All other water sources within a location are fluid constantly changing and not stable enough to support this theory.

So, I hear you say, what about water molecules that occur within the chemical composition of the actual rock itself. Water is not always found within its usual state, there is something called chemical water this is part of the actual rock or crystal formation itself, essentially being bound within the chemical structure. Now this does occur in nature, Opals and Clay being prime examples. It is also found in mantle rocks such as Ringwoodite and Wadsleyite. Now this becomes more interesting and is an area of much further research but before we embark on this school of thought we surely must deal with the intial statement of 'Does water hold memory?'

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