Soul Connections

I have spent numerous amount of hours discussing soul connections with various people and all with different opinions on the subject . We hear people talk about their “soulmate “ or waiting for their “soulmate”. My simple question to that statement is which one ??

Over the years I have learned in my spiritual work we have lots of very different soul connections none are more or less important than the other . Take a look around you at the people around you and maybe relook at how your connected . That best friend you have had your entire life why are you so closely connected? The person you met last year who you had that great discussion and it set you on a different path of looking at things ……..why did they appear in your life then ? There are many many connections on a soul level they may just be in your life briefly or they may be in your life forever but they are there for a reason .

The soulmate connection ………. Who says it needs to be your partner ? I found this out just by looking more closely at the people in my life and looking at others around me and how they are connected to others in their lives . It could be your Aunty, best friend , parent sibling , parent . However it is there is no explanation needed that connection is very very profound and very very deep . You know each other and the relationship doesn’t need validation or explained , it’s the way its meant to be . There is a deep knowing of each others souls and it may well be they have been in other lives with you . From my personal experience that relationship is easy and there is no argument or problem that breaks that bond . They are meant to be there with you and you with them and even in passing the bond remains .

The soul tribe connection is one that again is very different . Take a moment to look at the people around you , Those people who share your beliefs opinions and just “get you” these are your soul tribe .My belief is there are a group of people who are meant to share your journey with you . They are on similar paths and you all teach each other , I do believe there are souls who keep reconnecting with each other in different lives and these are our “soul tribe” or as some call it “soul family”. You wont always agree or get on and like any other family you will have arguments and “raise holy hell” at times but the fundamental connection is the path your on and it connects you to each other , your teachers for each other and to progress spiritually these members of your soul tribe will enter your life at different times , when its appropriate and when there is a need to learn and progress. Your agreement is one that’s predetermined for your life now .They may not always be in your life but they will be there when needed and you will never forget them or the lesson or progression you gained from that connection with them .

The most intense and sometimes most damaging connection is the twin flame connection . The reason I say damaging is because this tends to be an empathic connection and sorry to say it isn’t good for the empath . The strength of feeling ‘,the connection is intense and deep but sadly for the empath their twin flame will be narcissistic. These souls are polar opposites of each other but the empaths need to help love and support and the narcissistic need of the twin flame to take and never give back makes it damaging to the empath . It will be a short lived connection but it will literally leave the empath physically spiritually and emotionally drained . From personal experience surviving a twin flame connection is not easy and breaking it is the hardest thing to do . Once the empath realises they literally can’t do anymore and that this connection has completely changed their lives it is so important to sever that connection. Completely and Finally.It is a lot of work to survive that connection but it is possible .

Karmic Soul connections . Sadly these are souls who are linked by some big event , tragedy . They are not necessarily just from your life now , past life karmic soul connections can resurface in this life too . But to give an example the people affected by the Grenfell fire tragedy, the Manchester bombing tragedy or the Hillsborough tragedy …… these souls are all karmically connected by an event which has changed their lives. They will always be soul connected by that event . Its difficult but they all have a deep understanding of each other and what they have each gone through in a way that the rest of us cant even begin to imagine .

So when you look around you ……..look at the people in your lives , the people who have come into your lives and left again . What was that connection and when you relook you will find your soul connections to these people and understanding spiritually that connection can only benefit your life and benefit the relationships in your life now and to come in the future .

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