Road Tripping

Over the last couple of months or so Parasearch Radio has embarked on a few excursions out and about to explore the rich history and locations of interest around the country. Our initial trips

have been around the local area and a bit beyond, but seem to be extending in distance.

The main aim of the trips is to get out and about with a few friends in a car choosing a general area either in advance or a certain location or locations and go and explore these locations

which can be historic buildings, a town or village or even woodlands that have a story attached or any area of interest. Although a paranormal connection may be desirable it is not a prerequisite to go and have a look at these places. We feel that simply a
day out with friends who share a common interest is enough to make the day enjoyable and interesting.

Apart from publicly organised events, this gives an ideal opportunity to get out yourselves and discover just what is out there. It is easy in today's day and age to rely purely on social media
to gather your information and pursue your interests, but at the end of the day nothing is more worthwhile than actually going out and about be it a Saturday or Sunday or if you can arrange a weekday the more the better, as generally places are a lot quieter
and there is more of a chance of having the place relatively to yourselves. I have found on a few occasions that whilst visiting places you can get talking to staff of museums, stately homes, and castles, etc and in general conversation you will be surprised
what you may learn that is not available elsewhere, and in general staff are more than happy to share any information or stories they may have with you.

Unlike attending organised public events going on a private road trip does not necessarily have to be that expensive. The components would be a designated driver who is willing, shared fuel
costs and depending on the location whether it charges an entrance fee, you will be surprised how many places actually doesn't if you're prepared to do a bit of searching around the Internet for free locations. A good investment if historic buildings are your
thing would be becoming members of an organisation like English Heritage or the National trust which for an annual membership fee of around £60 will gain you free access to most if not all their properties, plus any special events like re-enactments which
can be an interesting day out in itself. We have found that visiting museums and privately owned stately homes that when you pay your initial entrance the ticket you are issued will allow you to return free of charge for the rest of the year, recent visits
to Bletchley Park and Hatfield House proved this to us. The actual driving around can be quite interesting as you never know what you may come across especially around areas you don't really know too well. I know of some paranormal groups who actually stumble
across locations to possibly investigate at a later date this way. Apart from this, just the general conversation and where it leads whilst traveling can lead to quite interesting discussions and follow-ups, it was during such a discussion we decided to approach
a well-known alleged haunted venue that is on the paranormal circuit and managed to acquire the venue for a few hours for an impromptu investigation. (See my blog on Kelvedon Hatch).

There is a misconception particularly in the paranormal that all places have to be visited during the dead of night. I personally have never been a great fan of this approach although people
will argue it will be more quiet etc less outside contamination and so on. I have often felt that the general activity of day-to-day life does not affect a personal experience if you happen to have one. And quite possibly where the night time aspect would
be of benefit would be using sensitive equipment which is not the purpose here this is more to do with experiencing locations as they are.

Other benefits of the road trip can allow you or your small group to collect a lot of information along the way be it plans and basic information leaflets handed
out at sites which can be put into your own archive and drawn upon whenever needed for future reference, plus photographs and video footage, which to date we have had no problem obtaining in locations. Or as I touched upon earlier just collecting the stories
from staff or the locals is more than enough to keep you busy if you wish to follow-up.
We even got invited to a night-time investigation totally out of the blue whilst out traveling that was happening that evening.
In general, people seem to be more approachable if you blend in with everyone else so to speak, as opposed to turning up as a paranormal team in your black hoodies which a lot of people may have preconceived ideas about some good, some not so good. And it's
a good opportunity to strike up perhaps future communication with a venue or an area than sending out cold emails and sitting back and hoping for the best. If nothing else you will have an enjoyable day out and about with friends and a meal in a pub on the
way home.

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