Real life super humans

As many of you are all aware i have always been interested in the movies and comics, none so much as the Marvel and DC world movies and comics, from the mutants of The X Men to the Avengers right through to Batman and Suicide Squad, Humans with extra abilities have always fascinated me and this is why I chose much to Kerrys (my co host) disgust to do an entire show on Superhumans. 

I only knew of a few cases where one child in the US appeared to have super human strength, and a young Russian girl claimed to have X ray vision, I have vague recollections of those cases so thought I would dig up more, however what I found was so much more.

So it turns out that in order for the human race to evolve we need the mutant gene in every generation or we would never gain new skills. For example going back 12,000 years it was impossible for the average person to drink Cow's milk it wasn't until the human gene mutated that allowed us to progress to be able to drink Cow's milk and not get ill from it. 

Scientist have concluded that when the human genome mutates and duplicates there are roughly 100 different mutations of that genome and its pretty common, so even you could be a mutant right now and not even know about it. So it only stands to reason that every now and again someone in the face of adversity can an will stand up and use their super human ability and be noticed. They might not even know they have the super ability either.

Super Humans first appeared in the comic books around the 1930's with characters like The Phantom and Superman and Batman, and Children and Adults alike have been amazed with them ever since with new super humans coming out of the closet all the time.

In the Super Human Show myself and Kerry talked about the different types of Super Human abilities, such as those that people had self taught such as Daniel Kish. He lost his sight as a child due to Cancer and he taught himself the ability of making small noises and listening to the sound coming back to him so he could map out his surroundings very much like a bat, he is dubbed the real Batman.

Others are mutations in the gene pool that give them the special ability such as Eero Mantyranta, He was a Finnish Olympic Skiing Champion, and its suggested that he was also the first sportsman to be tested positive for hormone doping , However it turns out that he along wit members of his family had a rare mutation of the erythropoietin receptor gene, this allowed the carrier of this mutation to be able to carry 50% more oxygen in their blood stream than people without the mutation, Something very useful for an athlete.

I also found details regarding people with amazing ability to remember every second of the day, we all know that long term and short term memory are stored in various parts of the brain, however research conducted by neuroscientists have agreed that both memory types are stored according to the activity of one particular gene in our bodys, The gene is called the Rutabaga, and it is thought that it plays a major part in deciding where your memories are stored.

The first person to be diagnosed with this special memory power called Hyperthymesia was a lady called Jill Price from Southern California. If you were to ask her what she had for dinner 25 years ago on any specific date she would be able to tell you in great detail and recall in great detail everything that happened then within a matter of seconds.
Jill was tested by medical staff to try to determine what caused her ability and Brain MRI scans could not shed any light on the subject, all that remains is DNA profiling however this has not been conducted.

On the show we covered so many more cases so if you want to learn more and see what other amazing abilities are out there, then your welcome to listen back to the podcast on the link below....

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