Paranormal Charity warriors

Joanne Treherne , Sam Bennett and Lisa Gardner are Paranormal Sisters , and that is how they are known . A group of ladies known to many people in our Paranormal Community and are as close as Blood Sisters .

Joanne and lisa kindly joined me on a show to discuss a not so paranormal topic but a heart wrenching one . Johanne has 4 sons and one of her boys !! yr old Shaun sadly suffers from a condition called Lipodystrophy. It is a rare condition and affects only 700 people in the uk , for this reason it isn’t as known as some conditions but it is as every bit as important .

As adults we will do anything to safeguard and help children and in the last week Shaun’s story has been trending on facebook and published in the press . To explain a little of shauns situation . He was a happy chubby little toddler and suddenly at 3yrs old Joanne noticed her son was appearing to not gain weight even though he had a very healthy and robust appetite. As any parent would Joanne kept taking her son back to the doctor and it was discovered Shaun was infact still gaining weight but his appearance was changing . After various tests and investigations it was discovered Shaun was suffering from Lipodystophy . His body cannot convert his calorie and food intake into fat and therefore he appears to be very thin even though he eats lots of food . The effects of this are visible

to the extent , Joannes Dentist asked at an appointment 3 years ago if Shaun was anorexic . It is a horrible situation but one thing that has been said by Joanne is her amazing son “ just gets on with it . He doesn’t know any different “. At 11 yrs old this much loved and happy boys condition has suddenly been highlighted along with his story . I have known Joanne a couple of years and the woman has never asked for anything or any help despite her very close friends Sam and lisa wanting to highlight and fundraise for Lipodystrophy uk .

With the attention now being brought to Shaun and people being made aware of his story and what Lipodystrophy actually is , new momentum has brought about the creation of the Paranormal Charity Warriors group on Facebook . The goal is a simple one , We want to use our passion and our love of the paranormal for the greater good .

The money is not there for research into Lipodystrophy and without research how can sufferers be helped properly . Sam , Joanne, Lisa and myself are asking our paranormal community to help us change that . The goal is to raise money for Lipodystrophy uk and to start the ball rolling I have donated 2 places to my event at The chocolate factory in hull on the 27th October 2018. But we need more . Shaun and the other sufferers of Lipodystophy will for their lifetime need regular checks on their hearts . kidneys , livers , lungs …… they will run the risk of diabetes and all the complications that comes with that as well as various other medical complications . It is a fact sadly that Lipodystrophy has caused shorter life spans and Joanne and Shaun know people who have passed prematurely due to it .

Paranormal Charity warriors are please asking the paranormal community to help us . Help us to raise money for lipodystrphy uk and help us highlight this condition and all the facts about it . It doesn’t matter how small or big the gesture of help is , raffle prizes , sharing this blog , joining the facebook group and just supporting what we are trying to achieve , it will all be very gratefully received and every single penny raised will be going to lipodystrophy uk . So please if you can help in anyway , no matter how small , get in touch with Joanne, Sam, Lisa or myself . One handsome little 11 yr old boy has spearheaded a drive to help others as well as himself and when you see his picture and hear his story , you cannot help but be moved and want to help .

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