Mental Health Surrounding the Paranormal Community

Last night, I interviewed 2 guests on the Paranormal Concept Show in regards to Mental Health in the Paranormal Field. Ian Varrow & Steve Townsend, Ian was the founder of his paranormal team and dealt with a few cases regarding people with Mental Health Issues, and Steve is also in the same team however he is an Ex Paramedic so qualified and trained to deal with people with this type of issue.

It was a very interesting chat and we delved into many avenues regarding the safeguarding of Mental Health Issues that can arise from Paranormal Investigation both Public Events and Private Investigations and not only how to protect the members of the public but to safeguard our team members.

So here is a quick Recap.....

Firstly in regards members of the public that attend Paranormal Events it was suggested that some of the responsibility is on the guests to make the conscious decision to attend an event even if they have a mental health issue, Are they in the right frame of mind to attend and be subjected to possible spiritual activity ?for example is something they should ask themselves, and if they feel fine they might think they are fine, this is where the role of an event host is particularly important as they should watch out for any signs that individuals are becoming scared or withdrawn in which case they can remove them from that situation.

I do have a strong belief that all teams should have a first aider for situations just like this, Its then the role of the first aider of the team to look after that person, and i feel the best way to do that is to sit them down in a safe and neutral area and just talk to them explain things that may of scared them in a calm and rational way and reassure them that they are safe, this tends to work and after a good chat and a cuppa they tend to calm down, however if they suffer any form of medical attacks such as Anxiety then the first aider can deal with those situations by using their trained skills.

We also discussed how to conduct a private investigation and taking it step by step to ensure your safety and that of your teams. Never investigate alone, and when a call for hep comes in, get the clients to fill out a log of activity and also don't be afraid of asking the clients about mental illness in the family or medication as this is an area that could explain some of the activity.Something else we also discussed is the Mental Effects that investigations can have on our fellow investigators, Always be aware of peoples behaviour and look out for you co workers, They may act out of sorts or become withdrawn all warning flags to Mental Health Issues. Speak to them and find out if anything is wrong, even if they tell you they are fine still keep an eye out for them and if anything triggers off any strange behaviour take them out of that situation sit them down and talk. Sometimes not always on investigations but we all suffer in one way or another with what life throws at us and for some it only takes someone to be there and listen to them and talk about anything to be the difference between life and death. We had an hour long discussion and ventured into many avenues. 

So please if you didn't catch the show Live them please click on the link below and you will be taken to the Podcast of that show It was a fantastic conversation and something we will be revisiting in the future.

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