Life of a Radio Presenter

One thing i love about being a Parasearch Presenter is the different people I get to to talk to in the field of the Paranormal and from all walks of life, about something we all share a passion in.

But being a presenter isn't just about putting out a show for an hour a week, there is so much more to do behind the scenes. Yes we do put out a show for an hour once a week providing Kerry dont twist our arms to put out a pop up show lol but we also like to plan 4 weeks in advanced, so that includes trawling through various social media to find out the latest in the world of the paranormal for subjects, then we like to see if we can find volunteers to join us on air to give you our listeners the best and updated information....

and if that isn't enough, we also have to surprisingly do some research, because as much as we are learning from the guest and talking to them we do need to have a slight understanding of the subject to be able to have a conversation with someone about it, this too is something i love to do, i love to learn and to also talk to someone in that area of expertise (for want of a better word) is amazing and we can learn so much from them, particularly the older generation of investigator, they have been in the field a lot longer than most people listening and they have so much information to pass on its unbelievable, if we have one of the older generation on our shows you can bet once the show finishes and goes off air we are still talking to them over skype and learning more and getting more ideas for new shows to bring you even more information.

Although we do provide our listeners with as much information as possible we do like to keep the conversations light and relaxed so its more comfortable for you to listen and the conversation to flow and make everyone feel at ease and with the live chatroom it brings everyone together in a much more friendly environment as we feel the Paranormal World should be.

So once we have decided the topic, Secured the Guests, Raised the Event, Researched the show subject, Put out the show......We start all over again for the following week !....Who would be a Presenter ?? Must be mad....Its a full time job sometimes but that said I love to do it. On top of that we don't get paid for it either. But its a passion so i don't mind at all and neither do any of the other presenters.

We are always looking for new idea's, subjects, competition prizes & Guests so if you have something to offer and want to be a part of Parasearch Family then please contact us via our online form that you can find at ( It would make my life easier lol )

For most of the presenters we also hold day jobs or/and also Paranormal Investigators ourselves with teams to run....anyone would thing we live and breath Paranormal and don't like to have free time....but we manage just because its our passion and we like to share our knowledge base with you all, and we enjoy talking to you all even if it is through a chatroom, who knows maybe you will one day be on one of our shows.

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