Know your Equipment

One thing that has struck me over the years of reading what people in the paranormal have written on social media is that not many of them understand the equipment or even how to conduct experiments with it.

Firstly I see a post today regarding a REM Pod, the person writing about it claimed that all night it kept going off all night and asked other paranormal investigators for ideas of what it could be. Now i'm not saying this was a bad post because its not and i condone asking others about something if you cant explain it. Just because you don't know what is causing activity, does not mean to say someone else cant offer an explanation.

But this post does highlight an issue that is plaguing the paranormal teams on facebook, They are all talking about conducting experiments left right and centre, but how many of them understand what there piece of chosen equipment is used for and what it detects and how it detects it ?

Take the K2 for example it is a device to detect Electromagnetic fields, if one is detected then it could indicate an issue with your electrical wiring or electric system in other devices that can be cured by getting in an electrician.
The K2 was not designed to communicate with ghosts in any way shape of form, we need to understand the equipment and what it can pick up....Could it be possible that the K2 if it pickst things up faulty or the battery needs replacing, Could it also pick up on natural energy spikes such as static in the air, the only way we can disprove is through understanding and experimentation.
It doesn't stop though at the K2 it applies to all pieces of equipment. I remember when I was at school we used to make a science chart answering the questions Who, What Why When....Who conducted the Experiment, What we expect to happen, Why the experiment worked the way it did. and When as in time constraints. Then we would write our conclusion.
I think it would be fantastic if we could conduct and analyse all experiments in this fashion, this way we can include the device we chose and explain why it worked the way it did and if we don't know it could lead to another experiment.
I know im picking on the K2 meter a lot but this is probably the most used and misused piece of equipment that we use in the field. Do you have your equipment scientifically calibrated that to is another issue because it can have an effect on your findings. Do you know what readings can be discounted as atmospheric conditions, There are so many things involved in paranormal investigations than just grabbing a K2 and Voice recorder and running to the nearest alleged haunted house.
So my advice when conducting experiments know your equipment inside and out, pro's and con's faults and all.

If you are interested in learning more I presented a radio show on the science behind the EMF, I have included the link for you to visit and have a listen.

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