Extrasensory Perception.

At a guess you’ve probably heard of this in some form or another, what does it mean? Am hoping after reading this you’ll have a better understanding, when I first looked at ESP I was very confused, with a plethora of academic words trying to get the information into my mind was worse than watching paint dry.

Esp is your sixth sense, yes, just like the film, only with many different areas to explore, people say such things as… “it’s just a feeling I’ve got” is it just a feeling or is this you’re sixth sense in full swing? The English dictionary states...

the supposed faculty of perceiving things by means other than the known senses.
So, your five senses are Smell, Touch, Taste, Hearing and sight, so the sixth sense is something else according to the dictionary. Helpful right? Yeah, I didn’t think so either, the easiest way I found was to break it down, so its an unknown sense kind of when you “get that feeling”, so does this make it psychic abilities? sending and receiving information without the use of your five senses, although it’s a very basic explanation, this is me, I favour simple to understand.
Esp is highly debated in the scientific and paranormal field, I’ll let you come to your own conclusions on what you believe. let’s have a little look at the areas of your sixth sense.

Psychokinesis (or Telekinesis)
They are the same term which allows a person to move a physical item without any physical interaction. The name came from Alexander N. Aksakov.
Mediumship and Clairvoyance
Basically, it’s the ability to communicate with the dead by channelling their energy.
Clairvoyance refers to the ability to see information about an object, person, scenario, location, or event in the past, present, or future, using only extrasensory means.
* Clairsentience refers to the ability to feel the sensations and emotions of another person, without any external stimulation. This is often paired with paranormal-type activity (like feeling the coldness of a ghost).
* Clairaudience refers to the ability to receive auditory information through psychic and sixth sense hearing.
* Clairalience refers to a psychic’s ability to pick up on external impressions through the sense of smell.
* Clairgustance is similar to the others this type of ESP refers to the ability to receive outside information and psychic impressions from the sense of taste.

A classic example of this is when you can tell what a friend is thinking, or is this a coincidence? In short Telepath can communicate with another person by using their mind only. To find out more on Telepathic interactions check out https://ashleyknibb.com/?s=telepathic&orderby=rele...

Final destination the films? You’ve got it, when you have a vision of something happening before it occurs. An early investigation into claims of precognition was published by Fr. P. Boilat in 1883. He claimed to have put an unspoken question to an African witch-doctor, the witch-doctor allegedly gave him the correct answer without ever having heard the question. If this is an area you’re interested in I could recommend several starting places, such as Rhine and more upto date Bem.
I guess esp is a lot like the rest of the paranormal field, always up for debate and new developments with every passing day.I do find esp engaging once you understand it.

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