Does a building have to be old to be haunted ?

I get asked quite a lot as an Investigator, " Does it have to be an old building to be haunted ?" My answer is No let me explain.

I believe that when a spirit leaves the body it can stay at the point of death, however it can also travel to those places that in life it was happiest or visit friends and family where ever they happen to be.
Most people when you mention a haunted house they picture something old and creepy, but in my experience this is quite often not the case. Ok granted there are some really good locations out there, that are disused ,derelict and creepy looking.
When looking for locations for my public events, the same as any other Ghost Hunting Company quite often this is something that gets booked. However as an Investigator I have found that there is a rising amount of cases that involves new builds.

One of the first things we look at is the land that the new building is situated as this often gives us another location that the spirit is actually residing in under the surface of the new build. So the new building is an over lay of the older building that is no longer there that the spirit is interacting with. This also accounts for spirits appearing to walk through walls or only half of the spirit appearing. 

I had 1 case where I had to investigate 4 new flats that were being haunted allegedly by the same spirit, It turned out that we suspected the spirit of a night nurse, The site before flats was an old hospital, and this night nurse would wake patients up and take observations.

So no the buildings do not have to be old to be haunted.

Anything really can be haunted, and we are seeing a rise in haunted objects. where a spirit has a link to an object just the same as they would a building. So it could also be possible that when your next in an antique centre being drawn to something you like, it could be with spirit attached thus bringing it in to your new home, there could be lots of reasons why buildings end up with spirit, so weather its because of the land previous to your house, a personal attachment or an attachment to an object. The best thing to do in my opinion is to arrange for a cleansing, or / and call in a reputable Paranormal Team to investigate, as they can look at what is going on over time, and investigate the data, and land and then start to narrow down until they can form a report as to what is happening and how, then and only then can you form a plan to try to move on the spirit. To many spirits get moved on allegedly only to return and i firmly believe its because the team that attempted to move it on didnt know what they were truly dealing with...i mean a jewish spirit isn't going to be taking notice of a christian prayer for example. So Research is the key and all good teams and researchers know this.

Another such case I have investigated again in a new build was that of an elderly lady who was attacked by spirit on a regular basis, upon investigation and research we discovered a germanic / Nordic spirit that would send in 3 spirit animals to attach to the person and when they accepted the animals then the spirit was able to come in and attack the person and drain them. We knew that no cleansing would work to get this spirit to leave the lady alone so we had to research some Nordic Rune Spells, and various other techniques that had a much stronger power over the spirit that more english traditional rituals. This worked and to this day the lady is free from attacks.

So no matter when the building was made, it can still be haunted.

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