Lets talk about demons – OMG #Demon is a regular on tv shows but lets take a look at the whole concept of demons, gasp !!

The origin of the word actually come from Greece and comes from the word Eudaimonia which literally translates to good spiritness. They viewed these as spirits of the dead and deities and worshipped them on altars within their home as they did with many other idols of gods and goddess's. They were the epitimone of the tutelary spirit that we looked at in my previous blog – Do we create paranormal activity part 2.

When Christianity took ahold, the general belief system changed from many god's to the supreme god and they viewed these many dieties as heathen idols and this began the perception of negativity. Nowhere in the bible does it state that they are fallen angels however various scriptures outline the need to banish /exorcise these kinds of spirits and use the word Demon in connection to them. However interperations of the bible by its leaders gave the heirachy of the Demons to being minions to Satan. Much like Angels being the deliverers of good things, demons were the deliverers of the bad stuff. Now that is a very very brief synopsis of the origins of the word but it gives you a general idea of the evolution of a belief/word.

The rise of Christianity was a huge reason why the connotations regarding these types of entity changed into negativity however there are references to them across many cultures.

The Egyptians viewed these kind of spirits into two cateogories wanderers and guardians – the guardians were assigned a specific place (genius loci) and the wanderers were the ones to watch out for they served justice or retribution from the Gods and not in a good way, they bought death, disease and misfortune, not quite as cosy as the Greeks viewpoint.

In all faith based religions there is a tiered system – Head God, Council of Gods, Demi-Gods, Minions of God, Elemental Spirit/Humans with variations of this theme. Also this then splits into two sides, the same ranking for both positive and negative. Note we are the lowest on the list and at the mercy to the whims and desires of the Gods. Whilst we are at it I'd just like to address Elementals quickly – these are spirits that are attached to a specific element and are godless, they are tied to nature and have neither a benevolent nor malevolent energy, but more on this another time.

Demons being classed as minions of God, infact go back far enough, there are references to these kinds of entities, they are not good and are embodied in the negative traits seen within humans. Such as greed, jealousy, envy etc – sound familiar. The melting pot of all of these religions being distilled into one religion I.e christianity makes it hardly surprising that demons took on a negative trait.

The rise and fall of various religious mythologies is the main reason why there is a misunderstanding of these lesser entities, one things for sure I doubt very much if you will find one hanging in the nearest haunted location!

No matter how you view Demons one things for sure they are prevalent in belief system in every culture through the ages. Are they there very own independent spirit or are they from within and used for blame when we as people show negative traits. We all fight these inner negative demons so
is it a case of externalising these traits into an entity?

One thing is clear various origins do not depict these 'entities' as bad or evil in any way its a religious based perception that has coloured the word. Nowadays the internet is full of demonologists and lists of names of various alledged demons or attachements by these kind of entities so its hardly surprising that deep within we have a fear or even down right skepticism regarding this topic.

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