Children and the Paranormal

Children are great little sponges aren’t they . They want to know everything, be in at everything and ask about everything . Having 5 myself I have literally lost probably weeks of my life explaining things when I asked why ?? about 20 times a day . The paranormal is no different and I think its important not to side step those questions or to disbelieve or dismiss a child who is telling you about an experience .

For myself and my family life that’s been easy for me because of my own beliefs . but even my kids have tested my openness ! Rightly or wrongly however we look at it , I have found kids are so open to spirit and it simply because they haven’t been taught to dismiss them and that they don’t exist yet. I personally have brought my kids up to ask questions and discover for themselves what their thoughts are on the subject , but they are now at an age where even though there may be the odd question or discussion they firmly have their own views and if they experience something automatically mention it then blame me for my chosen field lol

But should we answer their questions ?. Yes absolutely I think we should in an age appropriate way and being careful not to scare them . The alternative is scarier in my honest opinion . We live in a technology filled age and quite frankly I would rather children ask me than google and scare themselves silly . Iunderstand this isn’t for every family for me it has worked and I have two daughters who are wiccan and one daughter who is a paranormal investigator and a son who is sensitive and one daughter who is as I call her “my logical thinker” . They all have their own views and experiences and came to their conclusions . my role has simply to be answer questions and encourage them to explore the answers for themselves and follow their own paths .

I have been asked so many times by people what do I do my child said they saw someone in the house and I don’t know what to say ?? Ask gentle questions , what did they look like ? did they say anything ? ………it is so important not to get panicked and dismiss them and tell them “not to be silly”
Be open with them and say I believe you and I am sure you will find they wont be worried either if they experience anything but they will come and tell you about it .

I have been asked numerous times by people if their teenager can come along to events and investigations . Every parent knows their own child and I am no different . My daughter melody has learned over years about protection and respect for spirits. How to use tech and how to conduct herself on investigations before she joined me . Many people may think its wrong and she shouldn’t have been to east drive at 17 yrs old but I know her and how she takes it seriously , I agreed to it knowing my childs experience and maturity . My other children I would never take along . It would turn into a circus lol
My opinion is simple no child under 16 should be on a big investigation without the knowledge and without parents so I simply wont allow it . If it is a public event then public liability would not cover the event just for the simple fact a child is there who is under 16 does not make any difference if they are with their parents or not . In simple terms the only people who can teach a child about paranormal and decide if they are old enough to join investigations are their parents .

It is each parents decision how to approach the subject when asked and whether or not they wish to support their child into learning more or not . I can only draw from my experience as a parent and as an investigator but I do have to say I do fundamentally believe that children need to be believed and taught that spirit isn’t something to be afraid of if they should have experiences . They also need to be taught to be respectful of spirit ………… you just don’t know your child could be a future paranormal investigator in the future and probably how its handled by you as a parent helps them on which ever path they are on .

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