Bullying in the Paranormal

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the subject of bullying tactics within the Paranormal World. and after my experience over the weekend I have discovered it is a world wide problem and not just one we have in the UK.

It wasn't until I started getting tagged in posts that I realized my social media account had been hacked, and whoever conducted this heinas crime against me started to report posts that I would normally just laugh and scroll past, However a lynch mobbed formed in this particular group without asking me what the issue was and I started to get threats ranging from a beating to death! and that was just from one of the Admin. These people should be ashamed of themselves. I had resecured my passwords and I contacted one of the other moderators to remove the offending remarks after explaining I was hacked, but yet still the insults came at me. I have since left the group as I will not partake in any group that forms lynch mobs these days.

I also want to address the keyboard warrior Paranormal Investigators out there one in particular you know who you are with your snyde digs and posts. I just want you to know that the fact that you have deleted me and blocked me from your social media your posts and things you say and do still get back to me, your so brave hiding behind your block list, If you haven't got the audacity to say things to my face instead of hiding and saying it behind my back your opinion means nothing. Let those without sin cast the first stone ! Believe me you are not whiter than white yourself and I have evidence of this. (Not mentioning any names but you know who you are) I am just sick of this pathetic paranormal bitching left right and centre and its about time someone made a stand. We all make mistakes in life i don't ever hold that against anyone, however i do ask that they pay for them and learn by them and become a better person for it.

It has even been taken to the extreme where a person being bullied so much that they ended up in hospital with a serious health condition. When will people realise the damage they are doing. This stupid and pathetic child like behaviour needs to stop ! As you can tell I am quite passionate about this subject.
We are all in the paranormal to learn and grow our knowledge of the after life and even prove its existence, whatever your reason for being in the field we should all respect each other and get along and share our work if this field is to move forward. I would urge that if anyone is subject to any form of paranormal bullying then remove the offenders from your group and block them that way they will not have any effect on your life at all and eventually get bored when they realise by doing what they are doing they are the ones losing friends and it will get lonely for them out in the world with no one to bully. So if you disagree with me then maybe this field is not for you. We should all have a united outlook and goal.

There should be no reason these people are in the field and they are just trolls, and need to be banished from true investigators and team pages. That way we take away their power over the bullied.
Having said that I have done a couple of shows regarding this subject, the links to them if you would like to listed are below :-


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