Are we creating Paranormal Activity – Part 2

In the first part of this blog we took a look at the external manifestation of thought forms in regards to the creative process, tulpa's and a more modern creation in the Philips experiment. There is another possible thought form creation which is the Genius Loci or tutelary spirit.

Now both of these entities are not created by a single person or small group of people generally. They are born out of a general belief system within a larger group/community environment.

Genius Loci

This term actually has its origins in Roman culture where each family or clan worshipped the masculine and feminine energy usually represented on an altar. Ultimately they were not worshipped as individual entities but as a general spirit of the place and its the qualities being worshipped not a deity. The environment and culture of the place is hugely important as its all about the persons perspective of their place within their society and location that plays into force here. The belief that the environment and working within that environment is protective and when worked with can effect our future and fortunes. Every single place on the planet has its own unique energy signature and this is a combination of factors and the human factor is actually irrelevant here in the true meaning of the word. The human factor comes into place when we actually effect that environment and how we choose to interact with it. The ancient belief of working with the environments unique energy signature and incorporating that within the lifestyle, architecture and landscaping and showing homage to this is where this belief system lies.

Tutelary Spirit
The Greek influence evolved this viewpoint into an individual entity spirit of the place and although it was still the qualities that were being embodied it became an individual idol representation of these qualities. As time went on other cultures adopted this terminology although the concept was already prevalent within individual cultures around the world. They became the guardian, patron of a particular location and can take on many different forms and has been attributed to elementals, fairies, white ladies, black shucks and god/goddess idols. However its worth pointing out that the term Genius Loci ( the prevailing character of a location) is interchangable with a tutelary spirit (a guardian, protector of an individual location)

Now some would argue that these spirits already existed and it was the peoples close relationship with their environment that connected the dots so to speak. I would argue that maybe it was peoples close relationship to nature and the impact of natural events that created a belief system which in turn created the thought form entities – an externalisation of belief system born out of multiple people with the same intention – devotion and worship to the idol itself. However this particular argument could go round in circles.

So I used a key word in that last sentence 'intention' now this is a mental state to create or achieve an aim or goal set with concentration and commitment – sound familiar – its part of the process described in creating a tupla and in all cultures this is a main part of any form of belief system.

To conclude it seems that belief systems are a huge part of the externalisation manifestation of internal intention and not only that but it would seem that this externalisation actually impacts the way the phenomena appears. One wonders if we gathered a group of people who really buy into the Harry Potter character what activity that would create! Maybe an interesting experiment.

So lets take a closer look at Belief systems, our core beliefs are formed when we are children and become deeply ingrained within our subconscious. We dont think about them consciously and because of when they are formed it doesnt seem to matter if they are actually true or not. They help
us to determine factors such as good/bad, right/wrong, attractive/ugly, safe/dangerous. Acceptable/unacceptable, worthy/unworthy and therefore we evaluate every situation without even realising it according to these ingrained belief systems. In actual fact, without even being aware, we do everything to validate and re-inforce our beliefs so we literally have confrmation bias in place before we even begin. Belief systems are part of how we understand the world, they help provide us with our own personal security and they are something we consider to be a fact. These mutually supportive internal beliefs can be classified into four main areas religious, philosophical, political and ideological.
So to take this back to anomalous activity, we need to examine our own personal belief systems and where they came from to be aware of what we are experiencing.

Next time I will take a look at conspiracy theories.

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