Are we creating Paranormal Activity?

Many think that this is the case and its surrounded by many complicated convoluted possible explanations for why this is the case, one things for sure the human mind is a powerful tool and we dont understand or know the half of its capabilities. It is the most complex organ in the body with various parts working apart from each other yet all tied together. There are billions of neurons and nerves creating information born out of internal and external influences and its one of the least understood parts of the human body. Not only that but its multi leveled with conscious, subconscious, emotional, belief, experience, memory and more that help us to create and understand the world around us. Our own understanding of this organ and how it works is pretty limited nobody really knows the true extent of the brains potential. Therefore it would be very remiss of people to ignore the real possibility that we are the ones who create phenomena.

The purpose of this blog is to take a closer look at some of the areas where it appears that a person/people have actually created an external projected entity using extreme concentration, visualisation and belief and that this entity seems to have developed its own form of consciousness – fascinating topic even if I do say so myself.

Soul Bond
Now this is a very new agey term but has it's origins based firmly in the authors of the world. Many times it has been said that an author creates a strong bond or attachment to a fictional or historical character they are writing about, so much so that it has gone a step further and the character seems to develop a mind of its own even to the point where it has written its own storyline. As an example lets take a look at one of my favourite authors JK Rowling.

Rowlings conception of the idea is well documented, however she states that the character of Harry popped fully formed into her head and that she just knew all of the details so much so that during those early years she spent her time outlining the entire story and the other characters were coming into fruition with full back grounds and charateristics. Now there is no reference to any of these characters externalising in form however Rowlings connection to them is intensely strong – a soul bond if you will. Part of Rowlings self is intrinsically linked to her characters so much so that part of her resides within them and a part of them resides in her. From a psychological perspective this makes total sense, the emotional attachement one must get when developing a character must be strong for the character to have real relevance. As Freud puts it its 'Externalising' inner emotions, in this case into a creative process, therefore creating something tangible and exsiting in form in the external world. But this is not quite what we are looking for in regards to phenomena is it? Although I'm sure a writer would argue the whole writing process is a strange phenomena in itself. This lead me onwards …...

Now here's an interesting one that leads you down into the pathway of Tibetan mystercism. The original concept of Tupla creation comes from the Tibetian Monks as a way to ascend their consciousness and overcome internal fears/phobias by creating a thoughtform that take these internal emotional attachments in order to deal with them therefore releasing the internal block. They did this by intense concentration and visualisation to create a external emanation or manifestation, now its important to note this would not necessarily need to be human but a form that would have the characteristics needed to deal with the issue at hand. This thought form would have intelligence, possess its own will, thoughts and emotions and be able to act independently from the person who created it. Once created it would then be set to task to deal with whatever the issue was, and once dealt with it would then disappear or be reabsorbed. Quite a concept I'm sure you would agree and the level of concentration and visualisation needed to create this is simply mind blowing and a state few people are able to achieve.
One of the best accounts of this kind of manifestation comes from a French Explorer, Author, Buddhist Scholar and the first woman to become a Tibetan Lama – quite a woman – Alexandra David Neel. Now this is a well documented account but the basic outline is Neel created a monk like thought form that first was within her mind, she gave it a background, form and believed it into exsistence. At first it formed very ghost like, ethereal if you will. It then took form within the physical world, Neel actually describes this as a self induced hallucination however the thoughtform changed in appearance and took on a more sinister appearance. Others in her camp were asking who the stranger was indicating it had taken on physical tangible formation to the point beyond Neel's own consciousness and was appearing even when Neel wasn't focused on it. It was at this point Neel felt that the experiment had evolved too far so spent several weeks re-absorbing the thought form within herself. This process was not easy to achieve and left her feeling exhausted. One wonders if the reason the thoughtform became 'sinister' was the lack of purpose or intention in the creation – she created it to just see if it was achieveable with no real goal within mind and the manifestation was reacting to the external hardships being experienced but thats just my thoughts on the subject. I would suggest anyone to look into this case in much greater depth than I have been able to cover here.

In the paranormal field the Philips experiment is a well know case. Dr A R G Owen from the Toronto Society Physical Research set up a parapsychological experiment that consisted of a set of people creating a manifestation or ghost based on the Tibetan Tupla mystercism. They spent time developing Philip with background, history, lineage and artistic representations. Initially the group failed to produce any form of phenemena however they decided to change the form of contact by introducing a séance environment. This immediately began to show results however instead of a thought form emanation the phenomena was in the form of raps, breezes, table levitation and even effecting electrics.

So we need to look into the differences in experiences of thought form creation. Neel's belief was spiritual driven, her experiences and knowledge were diverse and cross cultural, she was well travelled and open minded therefore her belief in creating a thought form appeared as expected according to her knowledge gained from Tibetan culture. Whereas Owen's group tried to create a tulpa with knowledge from the paranormal research perspective and had a western cultural influence maybe expectation was based on how the manifestation appeared. This suggest our inherent internal cultural belief systems play a large part on how externalized thought forms appear and act.

On one last note in this particular blog its not just adventurers and researchers who have had this form of experience. Carl Jung, well know psychiatrist and psychologist also outlines in his autobiography – Memories, Dreams, Reflections a manifestation going by the name of Philemon but this I feel is a topic for another day.

To be continued

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