Alien Sightings

As you know, there are a lot of tales about visitors from the stars, different worlds, different dimensions, and predominantly they are in religious texts,

And not just some, but ALL religions across the board, and all the main events in
These texts, books etc, all happen along the same timeline, no matter where in the world or which religion, something big happened on several occasions across the planet and it was all duly noted in these holy books.

So, here’s my hypothesis on this, and no drugs or alcohol were involved at the time of writing this blog, and only the names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Now, there’s also a lot of talk about pre-cursors, the world re-setting itself every few thousand years yada yada yada, more and more things are starting to come to light on actual evidence found of pre-cursors, and the fact they were technologically way more advanced than we are even today, and that they were working along side beings from other systems.

I mean, top brass have recently come forward and stated that Iraq had had its own space port in El Nacirina around 7000 years ago, and was developed in conjunction with visitors from another system alongside the ancient Sumerians, and that they developed the first space programme on earth to explore our solar system, and Nibiru (planet X), they also claim that on another mission, they discovered Pluto, way before we did in 1933.

So, as I always say with every single myth and legend, there has to have been a grain or truth, or that first spark that prompted theses stories.

Now, keeping in mind all that i’ve said, why couldn’t a lot of the ancient aliens myths, and a lot of today’s modern UFO sightings, actually be remnants of our long lost forbearers?

If we had all that technology, if we developed space flight, anti grav, and ftl capability, and if, as a lot of the legends claim, we left of birthplace to explore the
stars, visit other systems, colonise distant planets, and work, interact, and who knows, maybe interbreed with other civilisations or visitors and making space babies.

Then why wouldn’t our forbearers come and check in on us to see how were doing and if were actually looking after the planet?

Some religions claim that we were actually left here to be the caretakers of this planet, others say we had our dna altered and that we were the workers for the likes of the Anunaki etc, and that one day, the Anunaki had a civil war because half of them didn’t agree to the way we were being treated as slaves and turned round and tried to stop it, and that’s where you get the legends of angels and demons coming to earth and having a scrap? The Sumerians certainly thought so.

Now, the Sumerians had a lot of ancient knowledge that we’ve lost over the millennia,
And they had the knowledge passed down to them from pre-cursors and visitors.

So, if you add all that up, and then take away all the miss identified sightings, government black ops and development sightings, alcohol, drugs etc, then I think that what’s left of our modern day sightings, interactions etc, could actually be our long lost family that left and took to the stars and chose to be pioneers or pathfinders if you will for humanity, I reckon some of those sightings may very well be these guys coming back to check on us, maybe to see how were doing looking after the planet (badly in my opinion) or perhaps to see if were ready for first contact, or maybe even building up to full disclosure?

This isn’t the ramblings of an insane man, although some would argue that I am lol.

But it does, in all honesty, make a lot of sense to me, take in also the legends of elves, goblins, little people, angels, demons, etc all being able to come in and out of our plain via gateways, fairy rings, stone rings etc, add that to the legends of old, then add all the fantastical stories in most if not all, religious texts, and remember most events happen along the same time lines in all religions, there’s even the schematics on how to build a ufo (vimana’s) in the Sanskrit texts of the Ramayana, also, check out Ezekiels close encounter of the 3rd kind in the bible.

Lastly, there are the modern day legends about our pre-cursors also going to live under the earth’s crust, some branching off and developing a whole eco system and space flight etc.

So, add it all up, take away the miss sightings, nonsense, drink or drug enthused sightings and everything else, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a little bit of truth in what i've just said here.

As Sherlock Holmes said: “when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”…….DROPS MIKE AND EXITS STAGE LEFT!!!......BOOM!

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